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Our Story

Ourstory is about a Mother, her family and their future

When you become a parent, you go through two stages. When you prepare to take care of your growing family, your thinking switches from "me" to "we." You know that whatever spare time you had earlier, is not yours anymore.

Our co-founder Mr Hitesh Saini met a young Lady who was expecting her first child and had a husband who was suffering from a life threatening disease at the same time. The gentleman’s expenses for the treatment of the disease were covered by his health insurance policy, a fact that was unknown to the lady. Hitesh, with over 15 years of insuranc experience behind him, made the lady aware of their rightful benefits under the health policy including the coverage amount and the sum assured. However, he also realised the fact that the whole claim process was anything but not hassle free especially for a lady already under so much stress.

After this incident, Hitesh was lost in deep thought. He wondered, how claiming the rightful benefits under an insurance policy for which clients pay a premium every year can be so complex and time-consuming especially in a digital world where technology offers easy alternatives to tasks big and small.

To address this critical issue, he founded

The Claim Consultants

About our company

60years of experience in insurance sector

At The Claim Consultants we help you in managing your known and unknown insurances for consultancy on products and claims. Here we help you with our years of experience in Insurance sector.
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To date, we have successfully settled the claim of 1500+ clients . To us, it's not just work - we take pride in the service we deliver. We encourage each other to achieve excellence in all endeavours.
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