Welcome to The Claim Consultants, We have over 60+ years of expertise
  • 12th floor atmaram house
    Tolstoy marg, Delhi - 110001
  • 1800-572-0524, +91 81787 64789
  • 24X7 Technical Support
    Award Winning Support Team

Meet Our Guiding Stars

Patrick Kelahan
The Elephant of Insurance consultancy
Christopher Frankland
Technical Mentor
Global InsurTech & FinTech Advisor
Rakesh Rachwani
Director & Chief Impact Officer
Impacting Lives Everywhere
Hitesh Saini
Chief Executive Officer
The Heart of The Claim Consultants
Dheeraj Sood
Cheif Operating Officer
The Organizing Wizard
Vivek Rajput
Cheif Finance Officer
The Piggy Bank
Mahendra Bhamu
Chief Technical Officer
The Tech Guy
Vice-Persident of Operations
Nothing is Impossible

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